So I have been toying with this concept of creating a website that will allow groups of people to compete with each other in a sort of “Biggest Loser” contest online.  I’ve seen a few other implementations at and  Now I will say that the one at inspired me to create LardWars and I think its more of an implementation I am choosing to do.

I want to implement LardWars free of charge, maybe just have some Google AdSense on there to pay for hosting and other improvements I choose to make.  Eventually, I see it providing a charge for things like extras above and beyond what the site was initially intended to do, although I can’t think of anything now, I am sure it will come along soon.

My plan is pretty simple, provide people with a good clean interface with simple instructions and let them setup a good competition.  LardWars will have some cool graphic capability and on the front page, will show three or four different groups stats each time, maybe the best, maybe not.  Other ideas would be to let people include a (relatively small) photo with their profile to show them how good they are doing after a while.  Motivation, of course, for this site though is truly competitive and should drive everything, so there will be a prize involved and of course bragging rights on the site for anyone who wins/is winning their contest with a simple blog under the group page.

Anyway, these are some initial thoughts, comments are definitely welcome.  Oh, and I also need some help in terms of a good framework to start with the development.  I do plan on using PHP and a CMS, just haven’t decided which one, some options are e107, Joomla, phpwebsite, or doing it from scratch.  Currently, I am leaning toward scratch, but I don’t want to do the work to create db connections and caching would be a pain.  I really like what wordpress has done, so that also may be an option.