Board Games with College Girls

Yes, its true, on April 21, 2006, I played board games with some college girls. And even though it sound very fantastically amazing, with pillows and cameras and things, I’ll bet you’ve never played Board Games this way….

I will admit, it was rather striking that these girls would invite themselves over to my place to play boardgames with me, HERLO!! I mean I am not anywhere near the age of a college freshman, but hey, maybe I am a chick magnet….

or not…

The reality is that I filled out a survey at my favorite game store in Utah county, for a class these girls were taking at BYU. So unfornately for my readers, this article is not about hanky panky or any other fun but board games. What I will say, is that it was an amazing experience getting to explain my board game preferences to others who aren’t my friends and seem to want to improve the board games I play.

These three girls, Sara, Rachel and Emily are taking a marketing course at Brigham Young University, and although they (except Sara) do not play games regularly (Rachel’s favorite game was Guesstures I think), they asked me some good questions and were whole heartedly interested in my responses.

They asked me questions about what games we play as friends and as family. We talked about Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Chutes and Ladders and much, much more. Much of their questioning was searching for better ways to improve the advertising of the games as well as, all this time with the camera pointed at me.

After a while, we moved over to the large round table we have in our dining room (a thanx to lars-ut from #utah for the loaner) to play a game of ‘Ticket To Ride’, one of the newer games I own. I hadn’t actually played this game in several weeks and was a bit rusty, but after a little while explaining the rules, we were off to a good start.

Sad thing is, I got spanked (not literally, unfortunately) in the game and came in last place. The girls were very grateful for my interview and promised to get in contact with me about it very soon.

I sure hope they get an A+ on their report, and if they don’t I told them they should right on the video, so they should’ve shown their teacher that footage!! I wish them luck!!