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Last Place at Carcassonne

This picture says it all! Justin Findlay with some used headphones from the geek trade. I would say it was mostly a DI drive in disguise, but I am only looking at it from one perspective, my willingness to dump … Continue reading

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Everybody Blogged about UtahBlogger

And I recorded it. Audio is here! OGG MP3 Please only download these links…don’t stream them. Also, the audio isn’t perfect, but it works well enough if you have a decent set of speakers, so enjoy. I will also speak … Continue reading

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My T60p is here!!!

After only three days of waiting, and it passing through Hong Kong, Alaska and Louisville to Utah, my T60p is here. I started playing with it last night, its been so much fun.  Here’s a couple things I’ve enjoyed so … Continue reading

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Am I a Hotel Snob, or am I Justified? You Decide!!

So recently I went on a trip to New Mexico for work. You know, the normal ‘spend a week in a good hotel’ type week. I have never before stayed in a La Quinta Inn (for work) and was a … Continue reading

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My T60 is on its way!!!

So I checked my email today, and noticed my lovely Thinkpad T60 I ordered last week is really on its way. Here is the status from UPS: LOUISVILLE, KY, US 06/09/2006 1:45 P.M. THIS SHIPMENT IS WAREHOUSED UNTIL IT IS … Continue reading

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Getting Skinny (and win cash) at

A while back I posted about creating a new LardWars weight loss competition site. Well, I really haven’t done much with the site. That aside, when Harley Pig posted his “Holy Corpulence” piece recently, it prompted me to invite anyone … Continue reading

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Coloring and ls

So I was recently teaching the RH033 course in Phoenix, Arizona, when one of my students asked me what the colors meant when running ls -l from their prompt. I knew that the command had been aliased, and that it … Continue reading

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