Getting Skinny (and win cash) at

A while back I posted about creating a new LardWars weight loss competition site. Well, I really haven’t done much with the site. That aside, when Harley Pig posted his “Holy Corpulence” piece recently, it prompted me to invite anyone to join our next Lard Wars competition, Lard Wars II – Revenge of the Lard.

I plan on starting the next competition this coming Wednesday (June 7, 2006), but if someone is interested in joining I will postpone it up to a week. Generally, everyone puts in money and prizes (see the rules here), there is a war prize to keep the competition interesting, plus anyone who meets their goal will win back their personal prize, but beware, there is much you can lose as well.

You can find details and everything else at

If you are seriously interested, you can contact me. Contact me at blog at herlo dot org.