My T60p is here!!!

After only three days of waiting, and it passing through Hong Kong, Alaska and Louisville to Utah, my T60p is here.

I started playing with it last night, its been so much fun.  Here’s a couple things I’ve enjoyed so far….

ThinkVantage Recovery Diskettes – 7 total just in case I wanna restore that ol’ winders xp I got with it…

Bluetooth – Connected it to my Palm, it’s so beautiful!!

There is so much more I plan to do with it, including installing XEN and several OSes to go with it.

Updates will abound.

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  1. I’ve been playing with Xen again. Very fun and cool stuff. I still get hung up on a few things, but all and all, it’s been nice.

    P.S. don’t loose those XP disks!

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