Everybody Blogged about UtahBlogger

And I recorded it. Audio is here!



Please only download these links…don’t stream them. Also, the audio isn’t perfect, but it works well enough if you have a decent set of speakers, so enjoy.

I will also speak to Jayce^’s post a little here. I completely agree that the panel was a bit off balance. Over all, the entire conversation was really slighted toward business (with a little politics). I spent 20-30 minutes afterward discussing this fact with a couple of the folks sitting near me and another 20 minutes outside discussing this fact further.

It appears that the first conference was a great success, and I would have to agree. However, I will say that if the future conference doesn’t cover a good sampling of the vast realms of blogging arenas available, it will be a shame. From my discussions with many last night, it became clear to me that a more broad approach is necessary. I sure hope those who run this conference will take this into account and fix what’s broken.

I really do think it was a very good start, its time to watch and see what happens….