Last Place at Carcassonne


This picture says it all! Justin Findlay with some used headphones from the geek trade. I would say it was mostly a DI drive in disguise, but I am only looking at it from one perspective, my willingness to dump 20G of 2G SCSI drives so I don’t have to actually go to the DI. But as you can see, it was truly a free-for-all on spare parts.

I also took pictures of the event for posterity, they can be found here.

In addition, it was really great to finally meet people like Christer Edwards, Harley Pig and Von Fugal among others. The best part was actually seeing members of the families of these people come out and enjoy the cool night air and the outrageous company we all keep. I think its quite an awesome brood we have on places like #utah and the Utah Open Source Planet.

I’d like to comment a bit on the food. It was amazing!! I tried the flank steak that Joseph Hall made, as well as the shish-kabobs done by Gabe. There was some tasty looking sausage roll-ups I saw, but I was too slow to try one of those. So much food was there, we could’ve fed the entire park I think. And don’t forget the ice cream either, althought I didn’t have any, many seemed to enjoy the delightful flavors like peaches and ice cream, fat boys, etc.

I’ve never been to a previous interLUG BBQ, but this one was a blast! I hope more people come and enjoy each others company in person, maybe even a bit more often now that we know where others live a little better. I look forward to next years barbeque with great expectations.

So, you ask, what does that have to do with losing at Carcassonne. Well, let me tell you that although many left between 8-9, a few (about 7-8) of us stuck around and played some board games. In fact, there were two games, one of Carcassonne and one of Settlers, Not sure who won Settlers, but I actually lost at Carcassonne. It was great fun and we didn’t actually leave the party until well after 11pm.

Thanx to all who organized and put this on, you guys are awesome, your hard work does not go unnoticed, at least for this Linux user.