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Fedora 7 Test 2 Review and Remarks

So pretty, so very pretty! At least the install is quite pretty. The new look and feel of Fedora 7 is definitely nice. I did, however notice a couple things that I didn’t like. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to … Continue reading

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Fedora People Rule!

I was visiting the Fedora People website when I ran across a post by Thorsten Leemhuis. The content of the post was a quick way to set up notifications using libnotify when someone either shouts your name or says your … Continue reading

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sfdisk – My new Saving Grace

How many of you have ever lost your data on a hard drive? I know I have, more than once. Usually, I give up on recovering the drive but this time I really couldn’t. I was installing a machine as … Continue reading

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VNC – Seeing Linux in Linux

What does that mean? Seeing Linux in Linux? Huh? Well let me tell you a little about vnc – Virtual Network Computing. vnc has been around quite some time, and in Fedora, its easy to setup. vnc supports communication over … Continue reading

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Thinking About File Encryption (again)

Some of you might recall my article the other day about vim encryption. It is a very nice way to encrypt the file but has some holes in the process. Having extra files laying around while the encrypted file is … Continue reading

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Utah Open Source Conference 2007 – Call for Papers

Hi all. As the founder of the Utah Open Source Conference and one of its biggest proponents.  I just wanted to mention that if you hadn’t already seen the post from the Utah Open Source Planet, you will have now. … Continue reading

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Fedora 7 Test 2 Released

I should have mentioned this earlier, but Fedora 7 Test 2 was released earlier this week. Here’s the announcement: There are some subtle improvements so far: Merger of Core and Extras – There is no core or extras anymore, … Continue reading

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Vim (encryption) Saves the Day – Again

Today, while trying to find a solution which still eludes me for storing passwords in a local file. I was informed about a cool feature of vim, which has been in there since version 5.7, encryption. My main problem was … Continue reading

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