Fedora 7 Test 2 Released

I should have mentioned this earlier, but Fedora 7 Test 2 was released earlier this week.

Here’s the announcement: http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2007-March/msg00000.html

There are some subtle improvements so far:

  • Merger of Core and Extras – There is no core or extras anymore, there is only Fedora 7
  • Live CD Available – This is definitely cool and about time
  • Desktop Improvements – New theme and a better version of Gnome by default
  • Fast User Switching – I’ve not seen this concept before in Linux, looking forward to playing with this feature

All in all, things look promising. I am currently downloading the latest release and when I’ve had some time to evaluate these and some of the other cool features listed on the link above, I’ll report back.



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2 Responses to Fedora 7 Test 2 Released

  1. Fast User Switching – I’ve not seen this concept before om Linux.

    KDE has had it for several years. I’ve shown it to you once last summer, but as it’s a KDE thing, I’m sure you wouldn’t have bothered to try and remember it :) .

    Seriously, though, since they’ve decided that there’s going to be a Test 4 release, I’m waiting for Test 3 this time to install it on a machine of mine. This is partly due to the fact that the merge of Core and Extras isn’t quite there, yet, so the Test 2 release is more like FC6 packaging than what F7 will be (which is the main reason why there’s going to be a Test 4 this time). However, it’s moving along at a good clip so it should be ready soon.

    Fedora 7 is exciting.

  2. I might check it out for one of my test machines before long.. maybe with the final release. How long before that is out?

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