Fedora 7 Test 2 Review and Remarks

So pretty, so very pretty!

At least the install is quite pretty. The new look and feel of Fedora 7 is definitely nice. I did, however notice a couple things that I didn’t like. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to pass commands on the Anaconda boot line.  After a little looking around, I discovered that hitting the tab key will allow you to edit the boot line.

One device standard to rule them all

It’s been a long time coming and now Fedora 7 is running the 2.6.20 kernel with libata activated, all of the hard drives on my systems will now be referred to as a consistent /dev/sd. No more /dev/hd! Isn’t that great! This will definitely come in handy when writing kickstart files and mounting drives.

**Fastest ‘user switching’ in town!


Although it broke a little for me, it was easy to switch from user clints to another user quite easily. It only took about 3 seconds and I had to enter the password for my other users. In addition, there are some glitches in the switching back and forth.

Let’s see what they give us tomorrow

Tomorrow is the release of Fedora 7 Test 3. I expect big improvements over Test 2. Go ahead and get the new release. It should be announced anytime now. Download the Test 3 release tomorrow (hopefully) at http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/.