Fedora 7 is Live!

As of 8 AM MDT, Fedora 7 is available!

There are several to choose from so choose wisely. This Fedora is one of the largest undertakings by the Fedora Project. Here are just a few things you’ll get with Fedora 7:

  • CD Creation Tools – Build your own custom Fedora CD/DVD with its own rpms and cateogories
  • Live CD for both GNOME and KDE – Something cool to give away to somebody who has never tried Linux. Or use it for rescuing a machine.
  • KVM Virtualization – A new way to make multiple operating systems run on your box.
  • Tickless Kernel – Better power consumption for laptops.
  • Extended wireless functionality – My wireless card will work now, yea!!!

There are many more than what are listed here. Go out and get your Fedora 7 today. There are two ways you can get the release, one by internet:

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/Download — Currently, down. Keep trying!
http://torrent.fedoraproject.org – Currently working.

Or you can come to the release party tonight, where I’ll be demonstrating (hopefully) many of these cool features. You can find that announcement:


And the map to the event:


Hope to see you with your sparkling new Fedora 7 box very soon.



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  1. don jackson says:

    hiiii i tried d steps as wat u said but i’m not able to load file frm my desktop can u plz help me to

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