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fnotify Revisited – irssi has a message for you

I’ve debated this for some time. How long should it be to be notified of an instant message (IM), or private message (PM), or someone saying your name in internet relay chat (IRC)? I’ve still not answered this question, but … Continue reading

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I generally don’t recommend or (as in this case) tell people to avoid a particular vendor. Generally, my comments are kept to tutorials and simple to complex configurations, or stories about my failures so that others might learn from me.In … Continue reading

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rtorrent – The Options

A little over a week and a half ago, I wrote an introduction to rtorrent that covered the basic functionality of rtorrent. This tutorial should have made it easier for those of you out there to use my favorite torrent … Continue reading

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Fedora 7 Disk Labels and more

I’ve been curious lately as to how I could print labels for my Fedora 7 DVDs.  Because I am officially a Fedora Ambassador for Utah, I would like to give out nice looking DVDs with labels on them.  Well, I … Continue reading

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