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POW: Yum installation by groups

The second in the Program of the Week (POW) is here. Yum, the Yellowdog Updater Modifer, has a very interesting feature. One which you might find useful if you want to install an entire set of packages for say a … Continue reading

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GNOME Question: How does one load https links into the preferred browser?

You’ve done it, you’ve gone to your email and clicked a link. The link will happily load into your preferred browser, in my case, Firefox. If you are using gnome-terminal, its a ctrl+click on the link and it works great. … Continue reading

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*nix distribution poll, which is the best distro codename?

The fact that Ubunut, SUSE, OS X, OpenBSD and of course Fedora are coming out about one month from each other. I thought it would be useful to have a poll about which is the better name of the latest … Continue reading

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Boston Red Sox (and me) at the World Series

Okay, okay, I didn’t get in, but it was sure fun to take a train trip down to the World Series to see the vibe. I’ve never been quite so close to a World Series game. The closest thing for … Continue reading

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POW: bash-completion – Bash Auto Completion in Fedora using yum (and more)

In an attempt to consistently blog, I am starting a new series here on Program of the Week (POW). Hopefully, this will excite and inform all of us about the cool programs available in Fedora. So see you next … Continue reading

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Fedora 8 to be named “werewolf”

I don’t know about you, but I believe that this name is the best ever! Its well timed too, seeing as a late October release was planned. I suppose Moonshine was good for Fedora 7, and Ubuntu does its naming … Continue reading

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Firefox – My Addons/Extensions

Thanks to the great “Extension List Dumper” extension, I’m happy to share with all of you my favorite extensions and a short little bit about each of them. Adblock Filterset.G Updater Plus This is a great extension for … Continue reading

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Why is blootbot (ibot/infobot/jbot) a girl?

Some of you may have seen my mailing list posts to SLLUG, PLUG and Ubuntu Utah. If so, you are welcome to participate here and flame me for asking this question as you may have already answered it there. BUT … Continue reading

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Sexy Sexy Penguins needs an image

Yes, that’s right folks. I’m looking for a new image to adorn the top of my blog. I’ve got this pretty new theme (not shown on my site yet) but it needs a fresh new coat of penguin love. So … Continue reading

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Strike that, I got kicked!

from Google! At their Mountain View campus. This week Aaron Toponce and I are in Mountain View. We decided it’d be fun to go visit Google. We snapped a few pictures, and spent about 10 minutes on their campus when … Continue reading

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