Strike that, I got kicked!

from Google! At their Mountain View campus.

This week Aaron Toponce and I are in Mountain View. We decided it’d be fun to go visit Google. We snapped a few pictures, and spent about 10 minutes on their campus when all of the sudden….

Three big security guards started running at us and yelling for us to leave! We ran from them, and although they were big, they were fast too. So we ran harder! They still couldn’t catch two nerds (one who never runs – that’d be me!) no matter how hard they tried.

Okay, so none of the above paragraph is true. Except that there were a couple of guards, and they did ask us to leave. But they were really nice about it, and the guard that escorted us out informed us that we couldn’t take pictures. But we snapped a few before they’d told us, so here they are:

Google Plex img_0754.jpg img_0755.jpg img_0756.jpg

Afterward, Aaron and I just laughed and laughed about “getting kicked off Google’s campus”. Its a pretty funny thing. We sure enjoyed our tour of Google though. They have a very nice campus with some cool views. Google is quite amazing and it sure appears that they take care of those bright engineers.

The security guard said that if we came back with a friend or contact, we could roam free. We still can’t take pictures, but hey, it sure sounds fun. I think I’ll try to find a friend now that works at Google, just so I can get the personal tour.