Firefox – My Addons/Extensions

Thanks to the great “Extension List Dumper” extension, I’m happy to share with all of you my favorite extensions and a short little bit about each of them.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater Plus

This is a great extension for blocking ads. Using the Filterset.G component provides me with automatic updates which tell Adblock Plus which pictures are ads and which are valid content. I quite enjoy this one and don’t get the flashing ads nor do I get the buzzing bees anymore :)

Download Statusbar

synic saw this tonight and asked me what it was. I run Download Statusbar in “Mini Mode” and never use the standard download dialog provided from Firefox. If you prefer to show all of your downloads near the status bar at the bottom, the Download Statusbar is for you.

FireGPG 0.4.3

FireGPG provides me with a quick and easy way to use my gpg keys. I can sign, verify, encode and decode messages in my gmail by clicking the extra options this extension gives me. I’m sure it works in Yahoo! Mail and others as well. I regularly get mail that is signed with someone’s gpg key, this is very nice for that reason.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 1.0.1

Foxmarks is in my opinion the best bookmark synchronization tool. Google has one, other people have one, but Foxmarks gives me something that those others just can’t. I get the ability to manage all of my bookmarks from the safety and security of the extension itself. Setting up the account, updating and synchronizing can all be done from within my Firefox browser. I don’t have to go to a web page and agree to terms, it just works.

Morning Coffee 1.26

I use this feature off and on though I really like its concept. When you add this extension, you get a little coffee mug up near your search box. Every day when you open your firefox, it will automagically load your chosen sites into the browser for you. Customizations can be made for each day, weekends and the whole week IIRC. Its a great little extension.

StumbleUpon 3.11

If you’ve never used StumbleUpon, you’re missing out. This extension provides you with hours of entertainment. Think of it as social networking on crack! You’ll be so addicted to “stumbling”, that by the time you get tired of it, you realize its morning. I absolutely love the StumbleUpon extension.

TinyUrl Creator 1.0.4

If you’ve never been to, check it out, but this little plugin will help you make long web links into short, manageable ones you can give to your friends. Never again will you have to copy and paste but rather Now isn’t that so much better?

I’ve recently discovered a couple more that I find interesting. I’ll report back to you all when I’ve tested them out, but here’s a quick list for your enjoyment:

ScribeFire – Blog from Firefox

Firefox Showcase – Hit F12 to show a quick preview of all of your tabs. Reload and browse here too if you like.

What are your favorite extensions. What ones did I miss? I’d love to hear from you about some that will make my Firefox even better!