Boston Red Sox (and me) at the World Series

Okay, okay, I didn’t get in, but it was sure fun to take a train trip down to the World Series to see the vibe. I’ve never been quite so close to a World Series game. The closest thing for me was when I got to go to watch the Utah Jazz get beaten by the Bulls in 1997 and 1998 in Salt Lake City. The World Series is much better to me since I’m a huge baseball fan.

For your entertainment, I took some interesting, pics:

img_0767.jpg img_0765.jpg img_07621.jpg img_0764.jpg

I also took some pretty pictures of fall in New England. Not being from here, its amazing how beautiful the leaves can be.

img_07741.jpg img_0772.jpg img_0771.jpg img_0769.jpg img_0770.jpg