GNOME Question: How does one load https links into the preferred browser?

You’ve done it, you’ve gone to your email and clicked a link. The link will happily load into your preferred browser, in my case, Firefox. If you are using gnome-terminal, its a ctrl+click on the link and it works great. I use irssi with gnome-terminal and when someone pastes a link, I ctrl+click and up comes the website in my Firefox. GNOME even will switch me to my own workspace, which is pretty nice!

Except when the link starts with https!

Why is this!

I’ve hunted high and low, searched google for terms like “GNOME click https” with no luck. Frustration has really set in for me, because its not something that majorly affects me but its just enough of a bother. I’ve waited to see if someone else got frustrated enough and wanted to fix this problem as well. So far, no dice.

So, I’m looking for answers to this eternal question. When I click (or ctrl+click) an https link in any application, why doesn’t it automatically load into my browser? Is there a solution to this? Please comment, they are much appreciated.

UPDATE: It seems that from the suggestions I was given, things are working much better now.  Originally, I had the custom option chosen in my preferred applications, and that was pointing to Firefox.  At a whim, I changed it to actually be Firefox, and all is well.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this.