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Why do they do that?

As an experienced traveler, I regularly run into a situation where the housekeeping staff will put the plug in the tub and leave it there.  Why do they do that? My reasoning is that its pure laziness on their part, … Continue reading

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Thunderbird! You’re Annoying us all!

Let me get this out first, I’m a avid fan of all things Mozilla. Even with the limitations they cause, the problems I’ve heard about Firefox and Thunderbird and all that Jazz, I’m still a big fan, current and future … Continue reading

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POW: apg, Automated Password Generator

This week’s program may seem like a bit of a cop out, but it really isn’t. I’ve regularly found myself in need of some quick passwords to hand out to users that are both semi-secure and easy to remember. With … Continue reading

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Locate vs Find

Tonight at the Ubuntu Utah User Group I presented about Locate vs Find. The slides are here and written in S5. Kevin Kubasik also presented on Desktop Search in Gnome. It was pretty cool as well. The presentations went very … Continue reading

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POW: Bluetooth Improvements in Fedora 8

The POW is going to be the improvements made in the Bluetooth functionality in Fedora 8. I’m actually quite impressed with it as its been a bit of a challenge to keep my little mouse connected in the past. Fedora … Continue reading

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Werewolf (Fedora 8) Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps Using yum

Recently, there was a request in one of my comments on this post. The request was for an easy way to upgrade from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8. So I took this on as a bit of a challenge. I … Continue reading

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Funny man page for rsyslogd

While doing my normal reading about new features in Fedora, I came across this snippet in the rsyslogd man page. The section I was reading was in regards to how to deal with security threats. 4. Disabling inet domain sockets … Continue reading

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POW: Codec Buddy

This week’s Program of the Week is a bit ahead of its release. The package is Codec Buddy, and is currently slated for release in Fedora 8 tomorrow. Codec Buddy, with a little help from the Fedora and Fluendo development … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Fedora Upgrade – Part 1

So its been a whole two days since I upgraded to Werewolf. I love it! Most everything works out of the box (OOTB), wireless, bluetooth, even suspend/resume seem to be possible for the first time! But one of the oddities … Continue reading

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