Thunderbird! You’re Annoying us all!

Let me get this out first, I’m a avid fan of all things Mozilla. Even with the limitations they cause, the problems I’ve heard about Firefox and Thunderbird and all that Jazz, I’m still a big fan, current and future consumer of these wonderful applications.


Why is it that a bug that has been logged for some time can go so long without being fixed. It sure seems like a very simple fix, but no, its still broken.

What, you ask, am I talking about? Well, its this bug on mozilla’s bugzilla that’s bugging me. While its not a major bug, its annoying and causes me heartache every time I look into my /tmp directory.

The problem is that as Thunderbird creates and moves data around when using a filter rule. It creates temporary files which is all fine and good, but the problem is the code is broken that removes the temporary files. My /tmp directory just fills and fills with these useless little files. It’s driving me insane. Every time I go into the directory to look at something, I’m bombarded with files that are named tmprules-##.dat , where the ## is a number.

Have a look into the directory:

$ ls /tmp/tmprules*.dat | wc -l

Why do we need to have 492 files in there? I don’t even have 492 messages I read each day. Come on Mozilla Foundation, take a few minutes and fix this annoying little bug that’s been hanging around since this March!



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7 Responses to Thunderbird! You’re Annoying us all!

  1. nobody says:

    This looks like a great opportunity for a user-written patch. Looks like you have a good testing environment, too. :)

  2. â–ˆ says:

    You could always go in and fix it…..

  3. mike says:

    The workaround seems to be to disable the ‘Trust junk mail headers set by SpamAssassin’ option in your account profile / junk mail settings. But, yeah, it’s pretty lame.

  4. Piet says:

    Afraid not. ‘trust junk mail headers set by ‘ is turned off here and still those annoying tmprules##.dat files keep cropping up :(
    as far as I can see, 1 tmprules##.dat is created per mailcheck except when starting up, then it creates 2.

    also, as mentioned in the bug report on bugzilla: marking the file writable or removing the msgFilterRules.dat or anything alike won’t help a bit.

    Fwiw: running on vista, TB

  5. Skip Montanaro says:

    Same problem on Solaris. I have a cron job to remove them daily.

  6. solaris? more like slowlaris! who the hell still uses that? hey, 1995 called and they wanted their operating system back

  7. Daniel says:

    Solaris? Solaris is good. I like Solaris. Perhaps your hardware was not Sun, Son.

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