Why do they do that?

As an experienced traveler, I regularly run into a situation where the housekeeping staff will put the plug in the tub and leave it there.  Why do they do that?

My reasoning is that its pure laziness on their part, mostly because I am the guest and shouldn’t have to be greeted with a tub full of shower water after a couple minutes of letting it get warm.

Anyway, just a small gripe I had to get off my chest today.



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2 Responses to Why do they do that?

  1. Mairin says:

    I’ve noticed that too! and it drives me NUTS!

  2. To keep things from crawling up the pipes. Depending on the city you can have mice, rats and the venerable cockroach crawling up out of the city sewers. In order to cut down on the number of rooms that need to be fumigated and cleaned exta.. put the plug in and cut out the chance the pest gets in.

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