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Distro Comparison: openSUSE 10.3 – Day 5

I, unfortunately, can’t live in an environment like openSUSE without my bluetooth mouse.  I struggled through for 5 days, but am now back on Fedora. I really appreciate the opinions, comments and helpful guidance given and look forward to installing … Continue reading

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Dig this!

Hi all, While at work today, setting up test environments for Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10), I needed to check something with the DNS entries. So I ran the following: # dig -t ns And got something very interesting and … Continue reading

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Distro Comparison: openSUSE 10.3 – Day 3

Wow, I’m excited by the response, and while I still believe that openSUSE is not the distro for me, it definitely has grown on me. I believe on my last review, I might have been a bit hasty in stating … Continue reading

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UNIX Completes Me

Okay, okay.  I’m taking a quick break from my SUSE comparisons (and I will reply to all the comments I’ve been getting as well, keep them coming, its great) to entertain you all with this lovely picture my friend Aaron … Continue reading

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Distro Comparison: openSUSE 10.3 first impressions

I don’t know if I can last an entire week with openSUSE 10.3. I can’t believe I even thought it possible. I am jonesing for Fedora right now, even though any other distro would probably do… What’s wrong with SUSE … Continue reading

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A New Series: Distro Comparisons, with Flair!

Its been a little couple weeks since I posted anything useful in my Program of the Week (POW) series. And while I still plan to keep that up in the near future, I am going to be doing a new … Continue reading

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Giver – Give Files

So tonight I met Calvin Gaisford of Giver fame. One of the things I was interested in getting going was Giver and couldn’t get it built until tonight during the Tomboy Hacking Night at Novell. Giver takes quite a bit … Continue reading

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LugBin: Improving the Local User Group experience

The charter of the Utah Open Source Foundation is to help Open Source grow in Utah. As part of this charter, we focus on the local community and especially the User Groups. Because of this goal, we’ve been working hard … Continue reading

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