LugBin: Improving the Local User Group experience

The charter of the Utah Open Source Foundation is to help Open Source grow in Utah. As part of this charter, we focus on the local community and especially the User Groups.

Because of this goal, we’ve been working hard to come up with some simple, yet effective ideas to help the User Groups overall. Just recently, myself and Will Smith (undertakingyou) were discussing the LugBin. The idea is simply just a big plastic bin with good stuff that User Groups might need or want. In fact, we think it might be a good idea to get others involved so we’re asking for help.

If you would take a few minutes after you read this to visit our wiki page for the LugBin and give suggestions for what would be useful inside. Keep in mind that User Groups may be about operating systems, programming languages, business organizations, or anybody that just wants to get together and talk about any Free/Libre Open Source (F/LOSS) software.

Thank you for your input. We really appreciate every comment/suggestion.