Giver – Give Files

So tonight I met Calvin Gaisford of Giver fame. One of the things I was interested in getting going was Giver and couldn’t get it built until tonight during the Tomboy Hacking Night at Novell.

Giver takes quite a bit of work to get running and its from source only right now. I hope to actually build an rpm of Giver and push it up into the Fedora build process but have really no idea how to do so. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome!

Calvin and the rest of the guys were great. We got quite a bit done on Tomboy tonight (I got it to build from source for the first time) and we’ll be planning more of these locally as well. In fact, Calvin took us up to the 7th floor of Novell and got us some cool swag too.

Thanks gang!