A New Series: Distro Comparisons, with Flair!

Its been a little couple weeks since I posted anything useful in my Program of the Week (POW) series. And while I still plan to keep that up in the near future, I am going to be doing a new series, Distro Comparisons, with Flare!

My plan is to install the other two major distros of Linux (OpenSUSE and Ubuntu) and compare them with Fedora, my favorite distribution. I’ll be comparing them on installation, features, tools and any other thing that I regularly use in my day-to-day life. Once the distros are all installed (in a triple-boot, no less), I’ll be keeping each one for a week at a time over the next few months.

Over each week, I’ll write down things that are awesome, good, bearable, or just plain bug me, and each will get a score. To be fair, I’ll make sure to rank them with a maximum of +5 and a minimum of -5. Its possible that a negative score can happen, but I expect that this will not be the case for any of the distros.

Anyway, wish me luck on my triple-boot installs and my future blogging with these comparisons. I also hope this will enlighten others about the options available in each of the distros and encourage the developers to continue to improve the usability and functionality of their particular distribution.

Tonight, I’ll be installing and setting up OpenSUSE 10.3 and running it for the next week. During the holidays, I’ll be taking a bit of a break, so blogging might be a bit slower. In early January, I’ll install Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) as well. See you all on the flip side.



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3 Responses to A New Series: Distro Comparisons, with Flair!

  1. ignacio says:

    Flair. But you didn’t hear it from me.

  2. Clint you should give gentoo a go too. Hope I don’t sound like too much of a fanboy…. I jumped to Gentoo in 2001 after getting sick of playing the upgrade every 6 months game.

    I even decided to give Ubuntu LTS a try on two of my machines in the past year thinking it would alleviate the issue. Upgrades on those machines have still caused issues with things breaking. (Guess I need to find out how to do security only updates….) It’s pretty disturbing when your server won’t start services on boot (especially sshd), though it says it will.

    No distro is perfect and the price for gentoo might be complicated install (but you only do this once, not every 6 months), and waiting for compiles. But after that it just “works”. Year after year….

  3. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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