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Fedora, Getting Involved Guide (GIG)

Recently, I’ve been very interested in getting involved more and more with the Fedora Project.  In fact, the latest project in which I’m involved, the Getting Involved Guide (GIG). I started with this guide because my so-called friend Jared Smith … Continue reading

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POW: Gobby, the little engine that could! (collaborate)

Its been a very long time since I’ve done the Product of the Week, so I am going to change the name to Product of Whenever. This suits me better. In July of 2001, I was introduced to a little … Continue reading

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RE: Applebee’s meetings should never be this fun!

All I’ve got to say is “I had nothing to do with starting it, but it happened anyway.  And I had fun!” Cheers, Herlo PS – I’m awaiting myspace friend approval for those in the know.

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Being “off-the-road” has its challenges

I will be home for the entire week next week, which is the first time that’s happened this month. Not that I am complaining, but once I get home I have a very long laundry list of items to complete … Continue reading

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SCaLE 6x: I’m Here – Saturday in Review

Just left Jono Bacon’s presentation on “The future of the Linux Desktop”. He’s quite an awesome presenter. Afterward, I went down to the exhibit floor and got to say hi to Tom Callaway and actually met Thomas Chung from the … Continue reading

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Fedora 9 Alpha Released

The latest and greatest Rawhide of Fedora has been put into an Alpha Release.  I downloaded both the LiveCD and the DVD isos yesterday, which took 15+ hours. Just a reminder that Alpha means its not ready for your production … Continue reading

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Yum Update: 482:07

As I usually do while teaching class, I installed a Fedora 8 machine, and ran yum update.  Today I noticed a strange amount of time for one particular download: While this is hilarious, its shouldn’t happen.  Any ideas?  I know … Continue reading

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UTOSF HackNight: Part Deux – Tonight

Well, right on the heels of last weekends uber successful HackNight, it looks like the snow may keep some people from coming up, but we’re still planning on having a mostly ad-hoc HackNight tonight.  The project again will be ConMan. … Continue reading

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