Being “off-the-road” has its challenges

I will be home for the entire week next week, which is the first time that’s happened this month. Not that I am complaining, but once I get home I have a very long laundry list of items to complete and only 6.5 days to complete it in until I go back on the road. So here’s the short list:

  • Generic stuff that can be done anytime during the week
    • Laundry from the past week
    • Put my bed together at my new home – I have been in this house now for two months, still no real bed
    • Finish unpacking all of the boxes left under the stairs – working on not being a packrat so much of the stuff is bound to get tossed out
    • Put an ad in the paper for a roommate – save money this way
    • Work on the Fedora GI Guide
  • CodeAway Saturday from noon to 6pm – good times
  • UTOSF HackNight Saturday night, 7pm – more good times (gotta get call for papers out)
  • Sleep in all day Sunday – my only real day of rest, but that’s the life I lead, this may lead a little into Monday as well
  • BoardGames on Tuesday night with friends I’ve not seen for a couple months – that’ll be nice
  • Lunch with my friend Tristan on Wednesday afternoon
  • Two meetings Wednesday night at Applebees in Draper
    • Centralized Calendaring among multiple communities – 6p
    • UTOSC Planning Meeting – 8p
  • Two events as well on Thursday I’d like to attend
  • Friday will bring something, but currently, there’s nothing. Maybe I’ll try to keep it free.
  • Oh, and I still have to work on Thursday and Friday, so I guess I’ll work that in somehow as well

Whew! I’m excited to be home though, and am sure this list will grow!



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