Fedora 9 Beta is now available!

Get yourself some of that sulphur love!

From the mouth of the daring Mike McGrath:

The beta is live.  Go out, get people and try to crash the servers!  The
challenge is on :-P


Personally, I’ve been on Rawhide (the development tree) since February.  While there have been some bumpy roads, most of it has been smooth sailing.  These Fedora guys really know what they are doing :)

Tell me what you think of the latest and greatest of Linux releases?



UPDATE: Feel free to digg this article if you like the beta


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2 Responses to Fedora 9 Beta is now available!

  1. miles says:

    just booted up Fedora 9 Beta Live CD on my MacBook – looks really nice. It didn’t find the wireless (not surprised, I think it needs the madwifi driver. One pet peeve, upon shut down, the Live CD does not eject (which on a MacBook is a real pain – took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to eject the CD). Anyway think I’ll be switching over from Ubuntu.

  2. irva says:

    why there are so little guys using Linux in China?

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