Google Summer of Code: Jumping into the fire

So I’ve done it.

Yes, I really have done it this time!

Well, maybe…time will tell.

I’ve gone and posted an idea for a project on the Fedora wiki page for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC), but that’s not all, no!

In addition, I took the time to apply to be a mentor at the Google Summer of Code Project page.  And what’s weirder, is I hope I get the opportunity to make this idea a reality, because I think its something that Fedora could really use.

I’m somewhat surprised it hasn’t already been created. A couple of people found this idea too, and have emailed me about it, and I need to reply.  Soon that will happen.

I am really excited.



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One Response to Google Summer of Code: Jumping into the fire

  1. Juank Prada says:

    I was one of the guys who wrote you an email about this idea, i havent get any answer from you, and would really like to be part of the project. Its my first time getting involved in GSoC, so im not sure about the procedure in this cases.

    Anyway, even if im not selected to work in the project, i hope things get done. Im really looking forward to this feature in fedora.

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