Over the last few days

Quite a bit has transpired this weekend.  Thought I had better get caught up on it before I forget.

Missing Teeth

My Son Shaun lost his fourth tooth this past week.  He was so excited about it, he called me as soon as it happened.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to experience it, but I’ve been assigned to be in LA three times in the next 3 months, plus one or two trips back to Utah should help.  I’m excited to head out and see his more holey head :)  I’m expecting some pictures to appear soon.

Djangocon 2008

On Friday, I left with a friend of mine, Seth House to Djangocon 2008, the first ever.  While I was happy to go, I wasn’t particularly excited that I would miss an entire day due to a clerical messup.  I learned quite a bit about Django and the community, I’m grateful I could go.

Django is a great framework and I’m excited to learn more about it this weekend.  I’m also grateful Google let me come back onto their campus (without incident this time, I might add), they are such great hosts.  I also got to meet Leslie Hawthorne and introduce myself, she seems pretty awesome even though I hollered at her while she was on the phone (oops, sorry Leslie).

First UTOSC Videos Released

Another great bit of news from UTOSC 2008.  The first evening keynote videos of Mac Newbold and Paul Frields have been released.  I’m excited and grateful to KnowledgeBlue and OpenSourceTV for their help with this project.  Things are rolling great on the video, thanks to Doran Barton and Nick Bauman at KnowledgeBlue for doing the video.

UTOSC Pictures keep piling up

Make sure to take a moment and have a look at the UTOS flickr group.  There’s tons of pictures there and maybe you are in one.  I’ve been tagging like crazy and hope to have them all done later this week.  I’d love to see more tags than what I’ve

A Goodbye

Also, today I found out one interesting thing, my friend Christer, who I referred to come work at Guru Labs, has left for another position.  I’m glad he’s happy and wish him luck.  Sounds like a great change for him and his family.