Dear Lazyweb: Can I have that as a CMS?

So I was following up on a talk I had seen at djangocon this year, and ran across this site by Cal Henderson –

The interesting part about this site is that he has about 10-12 different elements on his front page sharing information about what was going on, etc. in his life.  I am interested in implementing something similar, but couldn’t find any reference to a cms that he might be using.

To give a little background, I’ve followed a few links off his site, including the one to the designer of the site, which also indicates no cms that they use either.  It seems I may be out of luck, but wondered if anyone else had seen a cms similar or that might be capable of such features without major modifications??

I’ve looked at drupal and joomla and am more interested in something a little more like concrete5 or django-cms, but haven’t settled on anything.  So LazyWeb, do you think you can help me?

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  1. Seth says:

    I think that sort of thing is called a lifestream.

    Just a guess, but if he’s running a Django site he might be using one of these (or something custom):

    Or there are few WordPress plugins:

    Or sometimes people just use Yahoo! Pipes to grab all their own RSS feeds and output that.

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  3. Did you try the most obvious: Ask Cal?

  4. cal says:

    the designer of the site? but i designed it myself

    the cms is a custom job. sorry to disappoint :)

  5. Stephen Smoogen says:

    My guess its built from his book on scalable websites :). Has he answered an email on what he is using? [The source pages of the website are scrubbed of information too.. which makes it hard to guess.]

  6. franz says:

    use concrete5, it rocks. ;)

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