Ohio Linux Fest Day 0; FADNA Day -2

I arrived last around 5:30 at the Columbus airport.  Scott Williams (aka vwbusguy) was on his way, but would be another hour, so I sat down and worked on my presentation for FADNA.  Seems my training skills paid off as CMH had a fairly empty set of gates and I could practice my presentation to an empty room.  My presentation does need a bit of polishing, and probably a couple more slides, but all in all the content is there.

After Scott picked me up, we headed over to downtown Columbus.  I noticed the skyline immediately as we headed into town.  It’s kind of surreal when the art you’ve created is part of what you’ve never seen before.  Columbus is a very nice town.

Once we arrived downtown, we met up with the rest of the Fedora Ambassadors for drinks and dinner, it was great to meet Brian Pepple, Brian Powell, John Rose and Jeffrey Tadlock.  Of course, there were others I had already met before including John Stanley and Paul Frields, great fun.

After dinner, OLF had a Pre-Party bash downstairs and the first drink was free (if you purchased the supporter package).  We decided it a good idea to enjoy another beer and headed down there.  We met quite a few people downstairs, talked Fedora, guns, politics; pretty much anything you wanted was discussed.

Had a great time.  We left fairly early since the conference starts at 8am today.  Off to get breakfast now..