ScreenCast: Fedora Talk with Twinkle

If you haven’t heard, Fedora now has a VOIP (Voice Over IP) server called Fedora Talk.  Information about it can be found at

Essentially, the goal of Fedora Talk is to make it easier for use Fedorans to talk with one another, hold conference calls and accommodate impromptu conversations that need to happen over voice.  A few of the features is that it’s tied into FAS (the Fedora Account System) and authentication uses a password different than your FAS password, which is very nice.

So tonight, I was interested in getting this working because recently I was given a VOIP phone from the Fedora Project and wanted to use it soon.  However, I’m currently in Denver, and the phone was in Salt Lake.  That means it will have to wait for this weekend at least.

But all is NOT lost!!!

I decided to spend a bit of time helping get this great idea off the ground by creating a screencast to configure your machine to use Fedora Talk with Twinkle.  It took me only about 20 minutes to create and only two takes.  It’s fairly easy to set up as my screencast shows.

There are some restrictions I wish to share, mainly because didn’t mention them in the video.

  • You must have a computer with a microphone and speakers.
  • I recommend you purchase a $5 mic from radio shack, it makes the quality of your voice so much better.
  • Headphones work well also.instead of speakers, keeps the feedback down.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the screencast and join the Fedora Project.



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