Screencast: gnome-do v0.5 for Fedora 10

Back in July, I built gnome-do from scratch, identifying and helping get a few bugs worked out along the way.  It was all in an effort to create a screencast on the future version of gnome-do for Fedora 10.  Gnome-do appears to be based upon Quicksilver from Mac, but gnome-do is bound to surpass it quickly.

This functionality is available in the rawhide repository for those daring enough to try it, but since it requires Mono, it may require upgrades of other applications, like banshee, f-spot, tomboy and others.

WARNING: If you are not comfortable with beta software, wait for this to come out in Fedora 10.

Gnome-do is a great little app to help those who really wish to use more discrete movements but like full-fledged desktops in a graphical user interface (GUI).  Gnome-do is definitely going somewhere in v0.5 and has some really cool plugins.  Now I need to learn how to write plugins…

I really enjoyed doing this screencast, and beware it’s 25MB.

Click me to see the screencast



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4 Responses to Screencast: gnome-do v0.5 for Fedora 10

  1. Rocking, I used to maintain gnome-do under Fedora and I didn’t even know it was this useful. Thank you.

  2. David says:

    Great screencast, but here are a few tips:

    1. Use the down arrow, not the right arrow, to show the results window.
    2. I think you want to use the Play action, not Add to queue for playing albums.
    3. I’m pretty sure you launched the GNOME Screenshot app instead of using the GNOME Do screenshot plugin directly.


  3. Caine says:

    Tried to use Gnome-do under fedora 10 but it seems to lack gconf-sharp2 when i compile it from source and when i use yum i get a complaint about the same thing when trying to use the Files and folders plugin .

    “Installing “Do.File,1.4″ addin…
    The following add-ins will be installed:
    – Files and Folders v1.4
    Installing Files and Folders v1.4

    Assembly not found: gconf-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=35e10195dab3c99f
    WARNING: [Do.File,1.4] Could not load some add-in assemblies: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.

    Anything like that happened to you? *kind of desperate* :)

  4. herlo says:


    My experience compiling from source was on Fedora 9, but I can tell you that Gnome-Do installs from yum / rpm quite easily in Fedora 10. If you insist on using source code for your Do experience, I’d suggest the Mono repositories provided by Novell/openSUSE project. Or get on the #gnome-do channel on Also, Ubuntu’s Launchpad has some great tips on compiling from source.



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