Ambassador EventBox – Making the Rounds through North America

With some left over funds from the Fedora booth at UTOSC, I created the first Ambassador EventBox.  Not that there wasn’t an event box before, but it wasn’t formal and was pretty trashed as a cardboard box moving from place to place would.

It turns out to be a smash hit in North America.  After only visiting 3 events so far, the EventBox is getting all sorts of publicity.  In fact, there’s a serious plan in place to purchase Pelican boxes and get more EventBoxen ready for the coming onslaught of events in 2009.

I also hope the EMEA Ambassadors will also like to follow suit with an EventBox of their own.  It would be really neat to see it in place throughout the world very soon.  The system works pretty well and provides all of the tools necessary to make a Fedora Booth look professional very quickly and easily.

To make this more of a reality, I’ve modified several pages on the wiki to make it easy to request an EventBox (in North America for now) as well as tracking the EventBox.  We’d also like to hear what you liked and disliked about the EventBox as it comes to your event.  Below is a list of pages regarding the wiki and their purpose: