Fedora Classroom begins November 8

Want to learn a new tool within Fedora?  Interested in getting a better hold on your skillset?  Want to share with others something you’ve learned?  Let us know at the newly formed Fedora Classroom.

As part of the marketing team meeting this week, Kevin Fenzi brought up the Fedora-Classroom.  While #fedora serves a good purpose of troubleshooting, there’s more people can learn with some IRC tutorials.

I will be doing the first session on SELinux Basics, and there are other topics to fit those from beginner to advanced Fedora user.

From the email to the fedora-list:

I’m happy to announce that next weekend we will be opening up the #fedora-classroom irc channel (on irc.freenode.net) for some classroom sessions.

These sessions are intended to be short (30min to an hour) sessions on the IRC network where you can learn about a specific Fedora related topic.

Please see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRC/Classroom to look at what topics will offered next week, what times they will be offered, suggest topics or sign up to teach a session yourself!

Hope to see lots of folks there.



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4 Responses to Fedora Classroom begins November 8

  1. Jef Spaleta says:

    Excellent Initiative!

    Have you thought about the frequency at which you want to hold classes?

    Are there specific things which would make good classes for new users say in the first couple of weeks after each release?


  2. herlo says:


    At this point, we’ve considered it but we’re kind of playing it by ear. A discussion was had today about who the classes are intended. We decided that many of the classes should be for users that we’d like to become contributors.

    I suspect it will work itself out over time and I also believe we’ll end up doing weekends every other month or so.



  3. bochecha says:

    That’s great news !

    I’d love to attend those (especially the ones on SELinux and Puppet), but that’s unfortunately a rather bad time for me (Saturday night, not sure I’ll be in front of my computer ^_^).

    Will the logs of those classes be published somewhere ? I do hope so.

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