So it appears we may be onto something

As of this afternoon, between myself and Steven Moix, it appears that almost all of the Fedora 10 Tour will be ready for the upcoming release.  Check it out for yourself, we’re only missing the release summary which should be written very soon.

Also, I should note that the countdown has already started:

Also, F10 Preview came out yesterday during the election so nobody probably noticed.  Get yours today!



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2 Responses to So it appears we may be onto something

  1. Kevin Kofler says:

    My beef with the screenshot tour is the same as for all previous releases: where are the KDE screenshots? :-(

  2. herlo says:

    This is open source, patches are welcome. In other words, if you don’t think everything is there, add it! I’d love to see KDE screenshots, I’m just not a KDE user.



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