Fedora 10 (Cambridge) coming soon – and a release party to boot!

And I am already running Fedora 10.  It’s stable, powerful and most of all, built from free software!  Also, I’m in charge of creating the Media for North America this release.  We’ve already pre-purchased x86 live media and plan to produce similar amounts of x86_64 live CDs as well as both x86 and x86_64 install DVDs.  It’s exciting because they should be to my house by early to mid-December!  Distribution plans are commencing as well, so keep your ear to the ground.

Mark Your Calendars

I’m organizing a Fedora 10 release party, with a usb creation station, installfest and all that jazz.  It will probably be held on December 6.  There are a couple possible locations currently being discussed.  More details to come in the near future.



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