Looking for work is hard work

Recently, I was laid off from Guru Labs. While I still think of them as a great company, I must forge on, looking for a new job. I really appreciate the 2.5 years I worked and all the friendships I made.  I also enjoyed the work and it reinforced my desire to share my love of free software with the world.

While I am a pretty solid Linux Admin, what I really think I’d be good at, is Project Management.  The problem being that I’ve little to no paid experience for such a thing.  The reason, however, that I believe I’d be a good fit for something like this is the fact that I’ve been in charge of the Utah Open Source Conference and it’s successful rise to the largest community conference in Utah.

Last year, we had a successful conference after a year of planning.  This year’s conference was much less work thanks to all the great volunteers, but it was still a big success, and a lot of work.  I’m excited to say that this is my pride and joy, and why I think I would be a good fit for a Project Manager.

In addition, I’m looking into starting my own business, the only problem there is the timing.  I’d like to launch it soon, but I don’t have enough capital to really get going anywhere.  However, I may still do this as I think the ideas I have would work well and could really benefit an open source community as well as small/medium sized tech businesses.  In fact, I have a meeting set up for tomorrow morning with someone who’s believed in me from the beginning on this endeavor.  I’m excited to try my hand as an employer.

I do want to mention that while this isn’t a plea to help get me a job, but rather some thoughts I needed to scribble down, I am actively looking for work.  If you have anything that might fit, here’s the latest version of my resume (in pdf form).

Guess we’ll see where the world takes me on this fun, fun ride I’ve been on for 30-some-odd years now.  And I guess that’s the point, I’m really enjoying this ride called life and so while it’s a bit of a stressful time, I’m grateful to accept these challenges.  I love solving problems, and this is just another small problem.