Fedora Media for North America

The Fedora Live CDs arrived this past week, right in time for Christmas.  They look great.

If you are interested in obtaining some pressed media to distribute at an event or Local User Group (LUG), please make a request on the new FAmNA Resource Request tracker.  (Special thanks to Jon Stanley). Make sure to include the following information (at minimum):

Check your email, you should  receive a confirmation of the ticket, a great way to track progress.

If you are interested in who is getting your request, you may wish to head on over to the North America regional list: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Regions.

If you are an Event Owner for Q4 2009, please do not send requests.  Events are handled by the FedoraEvents page. We are aware of the events and will coordinate with you individually.

In addition, at the upcoming FUDCon, we’ll be building an AmbassadorKit.  The AmbassadorKit is designed to be a small package delivered to any Fedora contributor who wishes to spread Fedora.  The AmbassadorKit will include the following (at minimum):

Other items can be included in the AmbassadorKit, such as:

Once the AmbassadorKits are designed and can easily be built and delivered, we will add them to the FAmNA Resource Request tracker so they can also be requested.

I look forward to delivering massive amounts of media over the next few months to those who need it.