FUDCon F11, Day 0

12:05am MST: The beginning of FUDCon for me.  I hopped a plane (along with my girlfriend, Jennifer), from SLC to JFK.

6:00am EST (4:00am MST): Arrive at JFK, fairly uneventful flight, even though it was pretty full.  Wandered around near our gate for 20 minutes or so.  We then found the most uncomfortable spot on the floor and promptly fell asleep for 2+ hours.

8:10am EST: Ate some breakfast, obtained some coffee. Sustenance was much needed.

8:50am EST: Figured out that Delta had changed the gate and promptly headed to the new gate.  Boarded plane quickly and waited for the 9:10am departure.

10:45am: Arrived at Boston’s Logan Airport without incident.  The approach was quite neat as we approached from the water side.  In all the years of travel, I’ve never approached Logan this way.   We were able to figure out the route to the hotel quite easily, Silver Line to Red Line (at south station), then Red Line (to Kendall/MIT Station).  The Marriott is literally within 100 yards of the station.

11:50am: Check into the hotel, head to our room, crash for about an hour.  Dave Nalley wanted to go to lunch at 12:30, but he’s plain crazy after the Great East Coast Road Trip he lead for the past 16 hours.

1:00pm: Awoke feeling a bit better.  Headed down toward the lobby.  It seemed everyone in the world wished to talk with my by phone at this point.  I was delayed approximately 10 minutes from leaving.

1:30pm: Arrived at Legal Sea Foods with Dave Nalley and Kenny.  We had a nice meal.  During our meal, we had discussed visiting the Free Software Foundation.

2:30pm: Found the train toward Boston, headed toward the FSF

3:20pm: Arrived at the wrong address for the FSF after many failed attempts to gain our bearings.  We were lead by the every directionless Kenny (he’s a great guy and took the ribbing quite well), with his trusty iphone and its GPS support.

3:30pm: Called the FSF to confirm the suite number, discovered it was the wrong address.  Obtained the correct address and headed over.

3:45pm: After another bout of orientation failure, we arrived at the FSF, and met Deborah.  She proceeded to introduce us to everyone in the office, and gave us the grand tour.  It was quite nice to meet the gang.  Dave Nalley did have a bet going with another Fedora Contributor and thus we spent an additional 10 minutes discussing the legailities.  He ended up winning the bet it seems.

4:45pm: Purchased Candied Cashews.

5:15pm: Arrived back at the hotel.  Headed up to our respective rooms to crash for a few hours.

5:45pm: After taking care of some administrative things, I crashed hard.

8:00pm: Alarm goes off.  I arise to turn it off.  Head back to bead.

8:29pm: Dave sends me an SMS “Awake?”  He was apparently looking for Ian’s phone number.

9:00pm: Dave send me another SMS, “We await your arrival”.  Apparently, I am the slowest of the bunch for dinner.

9:10pm: Arrive in the lobby, meet the gang.  “But first, I say, we need to head to Kinko’s.  I have Fedora Window Signs to obtain”.

9:30pm: “After obtaining the prints and determining I had forgotten my ‘Charlie Card’ for the train.  I met the gang at ‘Shalimar of India’”.  The food was excellent, we discussed many things and found ourselves still there,

11:20pm: One hour after the restaurant had closed.  We thanked our hosts and headed back to the hotel.  As we were leaving, I reminded everyone to come up and get their Fedora Window Signs.

11:35pm: Arrive back at the hotel.  Everyone from the dinner came up and obtained their Window Sign.

12:30am (Friday Morning): SLEEP.  ZZzzzzzzzzz.