FUDCon F11: Day 1

8:05am: Sleep is interrupted by brain doing mental exercises about the Fedora AmbassadorKit hackfest.  Also interrupted by incredible urge to pee.

8:30am: Decided I was finally awake enough to write FUDCon F11: Day 0 post.

9:00am: Packed everything I needed (or thought I needed) into my backpack.  This took incredibly long.

9:10am: Somewhere around this time, I was expecting the reminder “We’re waiting” SMS from Dave Nalley.  None had arrived.

9:14am: Send SMS to Dave asking if he’s downstairs yet.  Get reply that he has not made it down yet, with a 7 minute ETA.  I chuckle, pack the rest of my audio equipment and head downstairs.

9:20am: Arrive with others for breakfast, many have given up on us, headed over to order food and head out.  Dave arrives approximately 1 minute later, we head to Au Bon Pain and promptly order and eat breakfast.

9:35am: I look up the instructions to the Tang Center for everyone.  None of us had decided it important enough to do this earlier.  Luckily, it’s about one block away.  We head out toward the HackFest.

9:45am: Arrive at Tang Center on MIT’s campus without incident, proceed to the 3rd floor (following well placed signs).  Obtain our badges and head into the main room for a short discussion.

10:05am: Discussion begins.  Approximately 25 projects are placed upon the board.  Names include, AmbassadorKit, Moksha, DevShell, OLPC / Sugar development and many, many others.

11:00am: Head to room 395 for the AmbassadorKit HackFest.

11:30am: Decided the printed Fedora Window Posters were great for the Tang Center.    Placed them on the windows wherever good and visible.

12:30pm: Four ambassadors; myself, Ian Weller, Brian Powell and Dave Nalley head out toward Central Square to obtain packaging and tape from the UPS Store.  We had it in our mind this was a good idea now that we have a NA UPS Account.  In reality, after traveling on the train, walking 20 minutes in the windy, brisk cold weather and discovering the lack of true UPS supplies we could purchase on our account, it might have just been as good to head to the nearest shipping store.  Ahh well, lesson learned.

1:15pm: Arrived at a lovely pizzeria recommended by one of the nice UPS Store employees.  We decided to share a pizza.  After ordering, the total came to just over $20.  I reached into my wallet, pulled out a $20 bill and thought, “gee, I need some change”.  Dave promptly swiped the bill from my hand, and nonchalantly handed it to the cashier as if it were payment.  Thus, i was paying for lunch.  Dave promptly got a “waaa!” from me.  I then received a $5 bill for my trouble from Dave, as if that fixed everything.*

2:15pm: Arrived at the hotel, headed up to get the Live Media to bring to the event.  Headed back over to the Tang Center.

2:30pm: The AmbassadorKits were packaged, Brian Powell will be shipping out 2 (or 3) this weekend.  The remainder will be distributed among the Ambassadors to fulfill future requests.

3:00pm: Decided it a was a good time to distribute the rest of the Fedora Window Posters for the hotel.  Ran out of posters with doublestick tape.  Need to buy more.

3:15pm: Set up and tested audio streaming for tomorrow’s FUDCon sessions.  It appears we’ll have enough to do 4 rooms with streaming audio and 3 rooms (I believe) with video to be distributed soon after FUDCon.  Test was quite successful.

3:30pm: Discussed the new CMS with Karsten and others.  Promoted WordPress as a possible CMS platform.  Argued for its stability, value and flexible API.  Not sure I converted anyone, but it was worth a try.

4:30pm: Hung around, discussed media and other Fedoraish topics with others in the room.  All in all a good bit of work was done.  Much to mull around in this brain of mine.

6:00pm: Gathered with Paul, Greg and many others for a round table session about Fedora. This part was the most useful for me so far.  I was quite grateful for the opportunity to come in and discuss all the great things happening in Fedora.  To see the gratitude from these folks was cool.  It really pushed home why I like hanging out with Fedora folks, they are very genuine appreciative people for what we all do.  I learned so much about the contribution benefits and how others contribute.

7:45pm: Met in the lobby of the hotel, then headed over to Cambridge Brewing Company for a nice dinner.  Quite good food and drink.  Good company and gorgeous girlfriend to boot.  What a day!  What a day!

10:30pm: Arrived back at the hotel to hack on Fedora-Event-Splash with the new Moksha functionality.  Essentially, we wanted to get a better feel for Moksha and what it provides after Paul described it earlier in the day.  Thing is, there are a lot of things to getting it working and we could only get so far.

However, while working through this, I was able to discuss plans for tomorrows Audio Streaming and Video Recording of the sessions.   Thus the blog post and some logistics which should make things easier for everyone.

I was also able to discuss the Fedora-Classroom session Kevin Fenzi and I are proposing tomorrow.  We’re looking to have a lively session tomorrow regarding this and see where it might go.

Another discussion that came out of this was the usefulness of EMEA and its non-profit.  Seeing as we’re looking into this for North America.

2:30am (Saturday): In bed.  Zzzzzzz