FUDCon F11: Not in Boston? Listen Live, Watch Videos After!

Starting tomorrow at approximately 10:00 am, streaming will (hopefully) commence on approximately 4-5 sessions.  Most sessions will be recorded with cheap $7 microphones, but the most popular (as voted by FUDCon attendees) will be recorded with a mixer and wireless microphone.

Streams will be available at http://stream.utos.org:8080, look for the links to be semi-descriptive.  We are also limiting the number of listeners per stream to 20 to make sure we get good streaming. We may increase this nearer the end of the day, especially for Paul’s address.

In addition, many of these same talks will be video recorded by the famous Chris Tyler and Matt Domsch, and others.  Their video recordings will be shared with the community shortly after FUDCon.

This should be really good.

If you are curious about the schedule, check the FUDCon F11 Wiki page to keep up on the latest sessions and locations.