FUDCon F11: Day 2 (Part 2)

5:45pm: Paul ends his remarks and we depart to the hotel and FUDPub.  I’m rather tired, not getting much sleep this weekend has worn me down.  I tell Dave that I am going to go crash for an hour and he promptly calls me a wimp!

6:12pm: In hotel room, snuggled up to Jennifer.  Still debating whether I’m going to sleep or just head to FUDPub.

6:15pm: Send Dave an SMS message that reads ‘be down in 10 minutes’.

6:31pm: Dave replies with SMS that reads ‘Hmmm gave up and left’.

6:32pm: Head down to the lobby to try to catch up.   Nobody there, so Jennifer and I head over to FUDPub.  By this time, hunger has taken over and I am less tired than hungry.

6:40pm: Arrive at Flat Top Johnny’s for FUDPub.  Proceed directly to the rear of the building in search of food.

6:42pm: Find food, pile it on my plate and head back to the front of the building.  The place is packed an hopping.  Lot’s of pool is being played and it sure looks like fun.

7:00pm: Our server takes our order for drinks and the party commences.  We sit down beside Mike McGrath, Jeroen van Meeuwen, Dave Nalley and a couple others as well.  Of course, we start talking a bit about Ambassador stuff and the barcamp overall.

7:30pm: About the time we’ve consumed a couple drinks and ordered food, the conversation gets good.  We’ve had a few others join us, Jared Smith, Kenny and Cade all come over and at this point we’ve basically taken over the table.

8:00pm: I’m feeling much better, have eaten a chicken sandwich and consumed a few more beverages.  At this point I’m very happy I didn’t stay at the hotel and sleep.  Jennifer and I are having fun with the rest of the group.

8:??pm: Not sure quite when it happened, but Mo Duffy decided to come by to take our pictures for the Fedora Picture Book.  It was at this time I was invited to do something, rather egged on by the table pounding.  I proceeded to the front of the restaurant to perform my now infamous moonwalk.  (Thanks to Ian Weller).

9:ISHpm: ****Played pool with Jennifer, Dave, Jared, Colby and others.  Spent a good hour playing pool and trying not to repeat a performance of my moonwalk.

10:30pm: Arrived at the hotel and discussed the video uploading hackfest.  It was decided we’d meet on the 3rd floor and hack for a while.

10:45pm: Met Chris Tyler and Matt Domsch along with Ian, Dave, Kenny and a few others and proceeded to render video.  I wanted to play with the syncing of the video with the audio recordings I obtained, but after several attempts, it was clearly not going to happen.

1:00am (Sunday): Because video takes a long time to render, I was still up tinkering with my rendering. About this time, Mo Duffy had sent links into #fudcon showing my dance moves.  Ian and others at the video hackfest decided this was a much better hackfest.  In the next hours, Ian had created an animated gif as well as an ogg video of my moonwalk to the tune of ‘Smooth Criminal’.  Each time I made a comment about it, the pure ridiculousness was raised another magnitude.

3:00am: After enduring enough of the video rendering and ‘Smooth Criminal’ in midi, I decided it was time to head up to the room.

3:10am: Because I hadn’t gone to bed at a reasonable hour to be useless for Sunday’s hackfest, I decided it would be a good idea to pack my bags.

3:25am: Decided that it wasn’t late enough to sleep, I started on and successfully got Moksha up and running with Luke’s demo data.  I can see how cool it will be to build Fedora-Event-Splash with a Moksha back end.  I was also thinking about an Ambassador Portal, probably somehing with statistics and updates when a user updates.  Could also show tracking of resources and other useful tools.

4:00am: Time for bed.  ZZZZzzzzzz ZZZZZZzzzzz