FUDCon F11: Day 3

9:45am: Awake.  Stare at the ceiling for a short while.  Climb out of bed.  Look out the window and discover the few inches of snow that has accumulated during the night.

10:15am: Finish packing my gear, wake Jennifer.

10:50am: Head down to the hotel lobby and drop off our bags at the bell desk.

10:55am: Find a restaurant for breakfast.  Get some coffee and breakfast sandwiches.  Sometimes breakfast is really nice when it’s hot and delicious.  I’m glad it was cold this day as I have now purchased a warm hat from the MIT Co-op store.

11:15am: Leave the restaurant, heading for MIT to do a little bit of hacking before heading to the airport for our flight home.

11:25am: Arrive in the middle of the release planning meeting.  Contribute a little to the conversation.

11:35pm: Hunt down Jarod Wilson so that I may obtain some stickers to put into the EventBox.  Jarod informs me that the stickers are in his car which is approximately 45 minutes away.  It’s decided that we’ll get in touch after Monday and get the box shipped to me in time for SCaLE 7x.

11:50pm: Head back down the hall, say goodbye to friends.  Say goodbye to more friends as we head out for the airport.

Goodbye FUDCon F11, it has been fun.  See you all in 6 months time.

12:30pm: After arriving at the airport and checking in, the gentleman helping me check my bags for the Delta flight informed us that there would was a direct flight leaving at 5pm.  He asked us if we’d like to take that instead, so we did.  It did mean waiting in the airport for an additional 3+ hours, but he also offered to put us in the Crown Room while we waited.

12:45pm: In the Delta Crown Room watching planes take off, get de-iced and a couple garbage fires.  Was also able to hack on Moksha with Luke for a while.  We were able to determine that a few bugs still exist in his code and that I’d look at it again very soon.

4:15pm: Pack up to get on the plane and head home.  Flight was uneventful and I was happy to arrive in Salt Lake City.  We arrived at our home around 9:30pm Mountain Time.

10:00pm: Sleep.  ZZZZzzzzzz.  ZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz.