SCaLE 7x: I'm Presenting!!

Recently, I was informed that my presentation was approved for the 7th Southern California Linux Expo (or SCaLE 7x).  I’m very excited to be presenting a topic I think will be not only fun, but valuable to many a Linux fan.  I will say that this is my first foray into the conference circuit as a presenter, but being an instructor for the past 5+ years, I’ll have some fun stuff ot share.

The topic I submitted, Fedora Remix.

It turns out that it’s a remix of another presentation from the Utah Open Source Conference by Paul Frields.  But things have changed since that presentation was given. Here’s a couple I’ll mention:

In preparation for this presentation at SCaLE 7x, and if you are in Utah, I’ll be presenting it (hopefully) a couple times at the Local User Groups (LUGs).