Fedora Activity Day @ SCaLE 7x: Two Exciting Sprints

Heading over to the Southern California Linux Exposition next month? If you said yes, you are in luck!

The North American Fedora Ambassadors team has obtained a room for the first North American Fedora Activity Day @ SCaLE 7x!

What is a FAD, you ask? Well, let’s try to explain.

It is clear that while FUDCon is a great event, a lot is accomplished there and many successful projects launch or gain much speed there. The problem is that not everyone can attend. For whatever reason, not every Fedora Contributor will get to make it to every FUDCon, it’s just impossible.

Because of this dilemma, the great Max Spevack decided to propose the FAD. A mini-FUDCon of sorts, where, in a smaller forum, a group of folks regionally located could gather, and get a few good things done in a one day session. You might think of code sprints or bar camps as good descriptions of what might happen at a FAD. Still confused? Check out this link for more information.

Any Fedora Contributor can suggest a FAD anywhere, anytime, and it’s even likely to get funding*.  So the next question is, what can be done at a FAD?

To answer this question, I think you’d have to say that anything that benefits Fedora directly or indirectly can be done at a FAD.  Some of the things that have been brought up to my knowledge, starting with the two springs being held at SCaLE 7x.

I’m sure there are a hundred more ideas floating around, feel free to add your FAD to the planning page and get something cool done in your backyard.  If you feel like it as well, drop me a line here with ideas for more FADs around Fedora-land.