Fedora Remix: Tomorrow at SCaLE 7x

Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, as I have been thinking about it for some time.  I’ve been working really hard on this presentation for tomorrow afternoon at the Southern California Linux Expo this weekend.  So I’d like to discuss what I’ve been working on and provide my links to slides (odp and pdf format) for those who wish to download them.  I’m guessing I’ll get asked where my slides are at least once, so here they are, right here, on this post.

Anyway, I’d like to discuss a little about the presentation’s concepts and tools here.  That way, if you did attend my talk, you can refer here to some of the points I’ll make.

First off, I’m going up against the Ubuntu Community Manager, Jono Bacon.  I wish him luck though, as I will swear less in my presentation :)  But I digress, I’m in the theater, so that should make room for the large crowd I’m expecting.  If you were worried you might not get into my presentation, don’t!  There’s plenty of seating.

Okay, now to my real points, I’ll be talking about three technologies used to build a full distribution.  Built and maintained within the fedora application space.  I think that’s great:

  1. livecd-tools – This toolkit provides the building blocks for creating your own spin (or remix).  We’ll discuss how to use livecd-creator and livecd-iso-to-disk out of this package.  In fact, if all goes well, I’ll build a new Fedora LiveUSB right in the presentation.
  2. pungi – This application is used for building Installation Media.  It can build CDs, DVDs or even provide for a network based install.
  3. revisor – Revisor provides both of the above tools in one configurable GUI.  However, it also has a very powerful and flexible GUI.  In fact, the Fedora Unity group creates an updated ISO and makes it available about 3 months after each release using Revisor.

I hope this little review page can provide some answers to questions, plus access to my slides and any other resources you might need.



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2 Responses to Fedora Remix: Tomorrow at SCaLE 7x

  1. Jef Spaleta says:

    Do you plan to do any discussion about the scope of what is allowed in the the new trademark policies concerning remixes?

    You should plan to answer questions about the difference between Ubuntu’s trademark policy regarding “remixes” and our less restrictive policy for remixes using our secondary mark. You don’t have to beat people over the head about it…but both organizations use the same word in conjunction with very different trademark policies..and that could cause some confusion. Just be prepared to clear that up if someone brings it up.


  2. herlo says:


    I have an entire section dedicated to this topic. It’s among the first things I discuss. I’m happy you brought it up though as it’s a major concern people don’t generally think about when building a spin-off distribution.



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