SCaLE 7x: Improving the Fedora Remix Presentation

After getting permission from Paul W. Frields, the fearless Fedora Project Leader to use his slides to present the topic of Fedora Remix, I began to add and modify the presentation. I could see that some things had needed changing, this included changes to the look and feel.  Let me share with you these changes and improvements.

  • Legal: The largest change was to the legal section, previously there wasn’t one mainly due to the fact that when Paul presented it at UTOSC 2008, the Fedora Remix secondary trademark was not yet available.
    • For instance, one can now create a Fedora Remix and label it as such without asking permission of the Fedora Project or Red Hat
    • There are now clear guidelines as to the distribution of such Remixes, which will make it easier to protect the Fedora trademark.
  • Artwork: The new Fedora Remix art allowed me to update the slides to include examples of some of the Fedora Remix logos (and one at the end with the four foundations) on every page as an Impress master slide set.  Maybe I will make these into templates one day if I decide to learn how.
  • Approach:  When Paul did his presentation, I recalled he built an install DVD using pungi, but I felt it more appropriate to show a LiveCD being built which then let me reboot into a LiveUSB after converting it with livecd-iso-to-disk.
    • An additional thought I considered with my approach here (after I was done presentting, of course) would be to add the impress or pdf presentation loaded up in the Live Image.
    • Also, a true Fedora Remix would be nice with packages that I’ve created (or someone else’s repo that’s FOSS) to show the actual proof in the pudding.

I felt it went very smoothly and was quite useful.  I expect that the recorded version (I think they recorded it to video from what I recall) will be out in a short while.  I expect that a few folks will take these very simple tools and get some cool Fedora Remixes in the works.

I look forward to seeing more Fedora Remix presentations in the future.



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  1. Nice job talking about the updates, Clint! What’s funny is I had to do some last-minute changes to this presentation at the same time as you, and I arrived at some of the same content changes — updates to Fedora Remix and the legal situation (better than ever for remixes!), and concentrating less on the DVD and more on the Live remix, which is what people tend to like. I gave that talk to the CA-LUG a couple weeks ago.

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