LazyWeb: What is that . doing there?

So tonight I was sitting there tonight getting ready to setup cobbler for another installation source, and I noticed something very odd.

# ls -l /root
total 88
-rw-------. 1 root root  1176 2008-11-23 17:22 anaconda-ks.cfg
drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root  4096 2008-12-14 18:37 bin

See the . ? Where you ask?  Look closer!

drwxr-xr-x. <– look, there it is!!  At first, I thought it was just one file, but then I noticed it other places, then I looked further, and it seems to be everywhere.

What is up with that? Where does this come from?  What is it for?  LazyWeb, can you help me?



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4 Responses to LazyWeb: What is that . doing there?

  1. Kevin says:

    See this thread on the fedora-test-list:

    Basically this means the file has a selinux attribute/label.

  2. foo says:

    I guess seLinux since my non-seLinux Debian system doesn’t have that.

  3. It is not an ACL as axet says. ACLs show up as ‘+’. Just do ls -l /dev/ to see a few.

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