UTOSC 2009: Theme, Venue, Dates Announced

So we finally announced the theme, dates and venue for the Utah Open Source Conference 2009.  Looks to be fun to see what people will think of it and the presentations that will result.  The theme, Affordability, Scalability, Reliability seemed appropriate.  I hope others will see the value in it as well.

Looking forward, I’m thinking a lot about the tracks we’ll be having at UTOSC 2009.  I’m wondering what others think, but I want to have at least Developer, Business and Beginner tracks.  I know that Laura Moncur and I have are already been discussing the beginner track, so that’s very exciting.

So here’s my thinking, if you want to see a particular presentation at UTOSC 2009, comment here, or on one of the blog posts on utos.org.  In addition, when we put the call for papers out, we’ll try to do a similar thing to other open source conferences, like open source bridge, linuxfest northwest and others have done.  We’ll show you all of the presentation submissions.  We’re also hoping to alter our voting system to allow anyone who has registered for the conference to vote for or against a particular presentation.

I’m getting really excited about the Utah Open Source Conference 2009.  I hope you all are too.